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Don't reinvent the wheel for each event

With a MICE tool example event templates for corporate event planning can be prepared easily: In the event configurator or meeting configurator a template can be chosen later and be adapted to meet all individual requirements! Using a MICE booking engine adjustments are totally easy - to be able to get perfect results and a beautiful presentation much faster, only event spaces, the number of guests and the pre-selected options have to be adjusted. For the users it is easiest, if the event venue or hotel already provides an innovative event tool for its prospects directly on the location's website!

Company anniversary

Event template "Company anniversary in D-50667 Cologne"

A pre-configured event template is the perfect basis for planning a 10 year, 25 year or 50 year company anniversary: A jubiliee is an important event and an unforgettable experience for partners, customers and employees! A template for an evening event with 350 guests would be a suitable start

including already prepared event modules

  • Catering: a specially selected 3 course menu with all seasonal & regional ingredients and optionally fresh food served using "flying service" as the guests arrive
  • Furniture to hire: round tables with gala chairs which are suitable for a celebratory occasion - if opted equipped welcome area and cloakroom as well  
  • Event technology: great lighting to illumate all of the chosen options, as well as a stylish stage with high-quality lighting and sound for the speeches - including a dance floor & DJ equipment
  • Programme: a DJ to play background music and music for dancing - perfect to be combined with live bands for an even more varied stage programme 
  • Event management: comprehensive planning work and professional direction are optional - from technical management to hostesses
  • A special highlight: One may choose anniversary fireworks and pyrotechnics on stage in addition

Employee celebration event

Event template "Employee & company celebration event in D-80939 Munich"

If an employee celebration event or a company celebration event are planned, one can get started right away using this template. An example configuration is based on 300 attendees (employees including plus-ones) could be used

including already prepared event modules

  • Catering: fresh buffet with a wide variety of dishes & drinks, including a bar area where people can talk
  • Furniture to hire: a wide variety of furniture, from gala tables which are suitable for a celebration - stylish lounge furniture is optional
  • Event technology: a stage including sound and lighting, as well as different kinds of lighting for atmospheric lighting in all areas of the event
  • Programme: a DJ with a wide repertoire - top-class live music might be added
  • Event management: comprehensive pre-planning and direction on site,  including hostesses, medical and security personnel might be opted for on top
  • A special highlight: one may choose a mobile band in addition to greet the guests and which can also be used flexibly

Kick-off event

Event template "Kick-off event in D-10117 Berlin"

Maybe a company is planning to implement a new sales strategy or to motivate their employees at a kick-off event? Results are achieved quickly if e.g. a template for a day event with 270 guests is used. This configuration might already have pre-configured options

including already prepared event modules

  • Catering: welcome drinks in a separate, relaxed get-together area and a light, fresh lunch buffet, including all drinks
  • Event technology: specially designed stage branded with their logo, high-quality event technology for design & production, as well as a high-performance projector for presentations
  • Furniture to hire: separate catering area with stylish furniture and a speech area with rows of seating for all participants and a speaker's lectern which bears their logo in a plotted design - welcome area and cloakroom can be added easily
  • Event management: specialist technical planning and management of all contracted companies before the event and (optionally) professional direction on site, based on detailed schedules- additional personnel such as hostesses might be chosen as well
  • A special highlight: one would have the option to include the participants in an interactive way using modern iPads

Meeting & Seminar

Event template "Meeting & conference in D-20095 Hamburg"

Whether a seminar, a one-off conference or a multi-day meetings are to be held: If a meeting configurator is provided on the supplier's website, an event can be adapted quickly with an event template to suit any individual requirements. As a start a day event for 200 participants may be used

including already prepared event modules

  • Catering: hot coffee and cold drinks to greet the participants - at lunch time there is fresh, light catering (organic food is also an option!)
  • Event technology: stage with sound for speeches, high-performance projector and all of the necessary presentation technology so that talks and presentations can be given professionally
  • Furniture to hire: row seating for the speech area (classroom-style possible as well) and modern furniture for the separate catering area
  • Event management: professional preparation & management of the chosen contracted companies, including supervision during set-up and dismantling
  • A special highlight: additional furniture and additional technical equipment for a panel discussion might be opted for on top

Summer festival

Event template "Summer festival in D-60325 Frankfurt (Main)"

A suitable event template can be used also for a relaxed corporate summer festival in a laid-back atmosphere. A perfect occasion to spoil guests and employees on a mild summer evening - including a large outdoor area! An evening event with 350 guests may be customised

including already prepared event modules

  • Catering: refreshing, cold drinks, including bar areas and summery, regional catering served as a buffet
  • Furniture to hire: relaxed standing-height tables and a variety of seating
  • Event technology: stage with lighting for announcements & lounge music played on turntables, atmospheric lighting in all areas of the event
  • Event management: planning and management of all of the chosen options before the event, including supervision of set-up and dismantling
  • A particular highlight: big umbrellas for the outdoor area - a large event umbrella / canopy might be chosen alternatively to create an even more prominent covered outdoor area

Product presentation

Event template "Product presentation & trade fair event in D-70376 Stuttgart"

If a company would like to present a new product or invite customer's to the company's trade fair, the goal can be reached efficiently using an event template. From the specially designed stage to the seating islands for good conversation, a template (example: day event for 400 guests) might contain many of the elements needed for the event,

including already prepared event modules

  • Catering: dishes in small portions served by personnel using "flying service"
  • Furniture to hire: linear, high-quality stylish seating, grouped seating where people can talk and standing-height cube-style tables with a logo - cloakroom and entrance-area may be added
  • Event technology: including a stage which is branded with a logo, distinct lighting, a high-performance projector & projection area, as well as high-quality lighting to present all of the chosen options
  • Event management: detailed pre-planning of all chosen contracted companies - creation of schedules and direction on site, including production and additional personnel such as hostesses can be added easily
  • A particular highlight: optionally with comprehensive, professional photo documentationof the corporate event

All types of corporate events

Event template "corporate event design kit"

Use the right MICE tool for your event planning, if you would like to put together highly individual events in an event configurator or a meeting configurator. Put together perfect events in a few simple steps and use the advantages of event customization as your personal checklist for future corporate events. Even the costs for a corporate event, for an open house event or even for events of a roadshow can be calculated easily.

Choose exactly the modules needed -  and always stay within the budget of your event planning:

  • Basic data: The event configurator works like a corporate event desing kit - it can be used for all types of events of any size
  • Catering: The selection of different kinds of event catering can be customized without limit - ranging from coffee breaks and food with "flying service" to course menus
  • Furniture to hire: Suitable kind of seating can be selected, furniture to hire can be opted for, if needed for corporate events
  • Event technology: The choice of the right event technology for an event is simple, even for laypersons
  • Programme: Decide for yourself what type of programme you have in mind and which artists should be offered online
  • Event planning services: It is up to you which parts of the event planning and organising should be sold as additional services
  • Particular highlight: Depending on the setup, further suitable suggestions will be recommended to the user (guided selling & upselling)