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The smartest configurator for meetings, seminars and events

Our solution provides everything to optimize your MICE sales.

Online meeting & event planning directly on your website

The best customers are those who book directly. This is why eventmachine meeting is seamlessly embedded into your website. No platforms - no commissions.

Start quoting instantly

With eventmachine meeting you can start right away. Everything needed to configure meetings or events is already built in.

Present totally custom offerings. And send out beautiful PDF quotes - 100% automated.

MICE event configurator

Eventmachine guides through the whole MICE event sales process. So nothing gets lost. Upselling included.

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Automated quoting for events & meetings

Eventmachine meeting generates instant PDF quotes. Beautifully designed, calculated exactly and 100% error-free.

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Customize events smart

Our built-in MICE business rules guarantee perfectly customized events. To be always one step ahead of your competition.

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Intuitive admin tool

Totally customizable: Design, content, prices or rules can be updated by yourself easily. Each configurator is 100% unique.

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Function Sheet automation

Eventmachine generates innovative function sheets. With running orders, contacts on site and all details needed. This makes the flawless execution of your events totally easy.

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Make your individual offerings fully customizable online

100% automation for your event sales

Meeting rooms & event spaces

Hotel rooms

Catering & conference packages


Equipment, Amenities & Staff

Individual event services

Smart yield management

Revenue management for your event sales. Automated - for even better earnings.

Customizable design

You can choose yourself how your configurator should look like. Completely in your own corporate design.

Sell anywhere

Eventmachine meeting is multilingual from the start. Which languages do your customers speak?

Built in marketing

Generate new qualified leads for your event offerings. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Optimize your offerings on the way

With eventmachine meeting you will realize what your customers really like. Gain valuable insights to optimize your services.

Maximum flexibility

With our pricing plans you stay 100% flexible all the time.

Responsive design


Own configuration platform

More scalable than any sales team