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Your benefits

1. Eventmachine saves time

  • fast quote configuration instead of manual quoting

  • individual instant PDF quotes are sent automatically

  • prospective clients generate quotes themselves directly on your website

  • running orders and function sheets are automatically generated and easily shared

2. Eventmachine prevents errors

  • no slips caused by time pressure or lack of time

  • 100% correct calculations for events of all types and sizes

  • automated computation of dynamic prices and rules

3. Eventmachine maximizes revenue

  • more bookings due to fastest and perfect quotes 24/7

  • better profits because of higher efficiency and less resources needed

  • optimal and dynamic price structure, individual rules & upselling

"Why should we use a MICE software tool?"

Your clients expect their quotes instantly. All that counts for them is this result.

Of course - yes! Also your team should definitely use eventmachine internally for generating and sending out quotes. The faster the clients receive their quotes, the better. Once set up, eventmachine is so easy to use that anyone in your house can send out perfect quotes. With a great design and correct calculations. Just by clicking a mouse and always instantly.

Events are inquired through an increasing number of channels. Also, the same inquiry is sent to a steadily increasing number of providers.

Efficiency is the key if more and more events are inquired, but less are implemented. You will reduce your costs by automating and secure yourself a competitive real advantage.

Direct bookings are the best bookings for you. It is crucial to strengthen your own website.

This is why  eventmachine meeting is embedded directly into your own website. The user is not forwarded to a different website when he configures an event. All inquiries are handled directly by you and you are the only one to work on these. This is good for customer loyalty, for your brand and for your pocket: No commissions charged by platforms.

Even in the future prospects will choose the channel they prefer. The right channels have to be offered though.

Of course clients should also contact you by phone in the future! But don't forget about the users who are used to (or prefer) online tools. Without having a salesperson on the phone. Those prospects submit their concrete needs online, including their contact data. This is how they get visible for you - eventmachine converts anonymous website users into qualified leads. The more time you save using tools, the more time is left for personal contacts.

Manual quoting is always error-prone. Counter question: How often are quotes influenced by "gut feel" since people think a client needs a special price?

Eventmachine always calculates correctly - no matter how complicated the event. And eventmachine is always objective. This is why even the seventh update of a quote, that needs to be sent out under time pressure, is still calculated perfectly - and on top still looks beautiful.

But, please don't worry! Of course you can always tweak eventmachine quotes, in every detail!  Because sometimes "gut feel" is the best way to close a deal.

"What are the benefits for our clients?"

Clients are used to getting everything online instantly. This applies to all areas of life. And this is why they will not wait for your event quotes any more.

This clients' need can be met now. With eventmachine meeting inquiries will be responded to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PDF quotes are sent out automatically to your prospects. As fast as your clients expect. Instantly.

Companies that allow their products or services to be customized (i.e. configured), sell more.

Differentiate yourself by offering top consulting online! Offer guided selling ranging from the selection of event spaces to activities. Innovation is the key to meet your clients' needs. Others might be not like the capabilities of your website. But your customers will love it.

Never before has it been so much fun to individually configure a corporate event. 24/7 - even after the sales team's working hours.

Let your clients be makers! They will explore all your offerings in a playful way and even have fun doing your job. You will see: The average session durations on your website will increase. That's good for your property and creates happy corporate customers.