Your benefits

Save time & prevent errors

Eventmachine meeting answers inquiries uniquely efficient.

When more and more inquiries are placed, but sales realization decreases, performance is the key. With eventmachine meeting you reduce your costs and stay ahead of your competitors.

Direct Bookings are the best bookings.

Eventmachine meeting is implemented into your website. All inquiries will be processed by yourself. No commissions to platforms.

Quotes by hand are error-prone.

Eventmachine meeting always calculates exactly. And objectively. Even the seventh update that needs to be sent out quickly.

Sell meetings & events better

With eventmachine meeting you will answer new inquiries 24 hours a day. Seven days a week.

All conference inquiries are answered automatically. In the pace that is expected by your customers today. Even, if your staff is busy or already long enjoying their evenings.

Eventmachine meeting converts anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.

By using the configurator prospects put together their individual meeting needs at your property. And they submit their contact details. This is how invisible website visitors are converted into warm leads for your meeting business.

Companies that allow customers to configure their services, sell more.

Innovation is the right way to meet customers´ expectations. Others may be irritated that your website is capable of more. But your customers will like it. And it will likely increase revenues.

Guided selling through your individual offerings consequently leads your customers to their goal.

Differentiate with top online consulting! From the selection of meeting rooms to the fitting activities. Including upselling and intelligent yield management.

Deliver better service for your users

Customers would always like to have their quotes in this very moment - this is possible now.

The pressure of time is constantly increasing. So does the number of prospects who would like to have quick costs for the next morning´s meeting. Evenmachine meeting fulfills this wish. Namely immediately.

With eventmachine meeting the session durations on your website increase.

Users browse many website doing research. The longer they stay on your site, the better. This is how users are converted to customers.

Never before has it been so fun to put together individual conferences.

Turn your customers into makers! They will browse your offerings playfully and will even be happy to do your work. Fast feelings of success for satisfied corporate clients.