Berlin event venues pioneer “going digital”


While all of Germany is abuzz about going digital, Berlin event locations are at the forefront of the movement. Events at Brandenburg Gate, the Spree river or the Kreuzberg district can be planned online with Eventmachine Meeting’s platform. In Germany’s capital, automation is not a foreign word any more.

It’s no wonder - for years Berlin has been the top destination for meetings and events. Also most German start-up companies have their headquarters there, says KPMG’s “German Startup Monitor 2017”. Is this creative Berlin air crucial for venues being especially innovative?

The bar is set high for AXICA’s event professionals: ”The best thing I’ve ever done!”, says US star architect Frank O. Gehry about AXICA’s prestigious property directly next to Brandenburg Gate. “We always provide the best service for our clients - offline and online. Also in the meetings business going digital is the future,” explains CEO Marc Mundstock. “The team at AXICA is always evolving.”

Especially hot event venues have to improve their efficiency to meet clients’ digital impatience. “Each day we write many quotes. And this is not just since we have won the German location award,” explains Fabian Lau, CEO of Spreespeicher. “That’s why we automate - we simplify all processes and secure a real competitive advantage.”

But also Berlin’s unconventional venues are going digital. Prospects can plan creative workshops in Kreuzberg district directly on Studiogarten’s website. “Marketing, sales, implementation - for a smaller venue this can be a lot” says Tom Baerwald, owner of Studiogarten. “Automated, instant quotes are a huge relief for us.”

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