New automation for event schedules and function sheets

Eventmachine launches features to streamline event preparation

Generating running orders and function sheets takes too much staff time for hotels and venues when arranging events. Documents must be meticulously prepared and information distributed to all stakeholders to guarantee frictionless execution. Eventmachine automates this process and generates function sheets directly from the event quote. This feature is available now as part of the Eventmachine platform at no additional cost.

Built-in smart features

With this platform update event running orders are generated automatically, based on the event configurations and quotes. Last minute adjustments of an event are transferred to all documents instantly. Schedules and function sheets can be shared instantly for discussion with team members or clients with a mouse click.

Customizable function sheet templates

Pre-built function sheet templates for common use cases can be used immediately. Function sheets can also be customized completely and easily adjusted to a hotel’s or venue’s corporate identity. The documents are generated dynamically, with a clean structure and well-arranged design - so even new team members can understand immediately, without additional, costly training.

Stress-free execution of events

The built-in »sharing feature« enables coordinating timings and details with clients, and encourages team collaboration. Time-consuming and costly misunderstandings can be easily resolved prior to the event.

“It’s great that we can share function sheets with guests prior to the event! They can look through them and check if everything is how they want it,” says Anna Sobisch, head of event at hotel Concorde. Florian Zelfel, CEO of eventmachine adds: “Alongside automated quoting and MICE revenue management, we are happy to provide our clients with another important tool. Now not only does Eventmachine make event sales more efficient, but it makes the preparation for and execution of events more efficient as well.”

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