Highlight // New function sheet features

The function sheet template can now be adjusted to individual needs and use cases even better.

Repeat sections

  • the sections Function Sheet and Extra Event Infos can now be repeated on each page - if parts of a function sheet are forwarded, it's always clear what it refers to

Prices in function sheets

  • corresponding gross and net prices, as well as sums of all sections, can be shown optionally

Additional info "units"

  • the number of units is now shown for all relevant items in the running order

Individual items

  • items added can be changed easily now

Where? Admin tool > Edit PDFs > Function sheet content
Where? Admin tool > Configuration detail page > Edit function sheet

Eventmachine IQ interface optimization

The UI's dropdowns and email validation of Eventmachine IQ's widgets have been updated. This again speeds up the quoting process and increases the chance of conversions.

Contact support anytime for your individual setup.

Where? Setup > Contact support

Quote data export

Configurations can be exported now. Export files can be generated and downloaded for selected quotes or all configurations.

Where? > Admin tool > Inquiries overview > Check boxes next to the configurations' IDs

Individual section names

Sections can be re-named individually. For example, the section Activities might be changed into Additional Services, and be used for general event services.

Where? Setup > Contact support

Quote delivery status

Additional information regarding the quote emails' delivery status are provided. The comments assist resolving issues in case of an email not being delivered properly.

Where? Admin tool > Inquiries overview > Status quote delivery

Updated PDF handling

New ID

Quotes with manual discounts or markups get an own ID. These appear as new versions in the list view.


PDF quotes are cached now and can be re-accessed unmodified over and over within the admin tool.

Notes (pay-per-use)

A quote is not used for pay-per-use billing, if a discount or markup is added and simply saved. The same applies to existing quotes which are re-accessed from within the admin tool.

A PDF quote is only used for pay-per-use billing, if it is generated by the configurator, or if the quote is updated within the admin tool and the new PDF is used (downloaded or sent per email).

Where? Admin tool > Inquiries overview

Display of prices & currencies

The type of displaying prices (net / gross) can now be found in the basic settings of the admin tool. The PDFs' and configurators' price display is synched.

Each quote's currency is stored for a transparent conversion of quoted revenue (pay-per-use).

Where? Admin tool > Edit configurator > Basic settings

Quotes with a quoted price of "zero"

It is possible now to generate quotes with a total price of "0". This may be the case under exceptional circumstances, if e.g. only items with "price on request" are included.

Where? Configurator > Quoting

One more tip!

Test the new Eventmachine IQ instant quote.

Eventmachine IQ targets for website users who want an instant quote without investing any time.

Good for

  • the generation of new leads and
  • the increase of conversions.

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