API enhancements (availabilities)

A simple 1:1 query of availabilities from third party systems (e.g. PMS systems) does not bring the desired results in certain cases. Useful additional functionalities have therefore been added to the Eventmachine API (availabilities).

Feature "super resources"

The availability of options regularly depends on the availability of other options. These internal dependencies can be set up in Eventmachine so that the correct availabilities of all resources are shown always.

Example: A divided event space is stored in the PMS both as a whole and in its parts. Eventmachine automatically shows the correct availabilities, even if only a part of the space is blocked for a certain time slot.

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Feature "resource pools"

The availabilities of different resources can be bundled in pools within Eventmachine. Thus, not all resources whose availability is pulled from third party systems have to be set up in Eventmachine.

Example: The availabilities of ten different hotel room categories should be used from a PMS, but only two options (e.g. single room & double room) should be shown in Eventmachine.

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Feature "multi-use"

Certain resources may be used for different purposes in different sections of the event configurator. Eventmachine checks availabilities for all sections and for all timings, even when querying availabilities from an external system.

Example: During the day a suite (hotel room) is supposed to be sold as conference suite (meeting room). Eventmachine checks the daytime availabilities and the overnight availabilities of the suite, so that during day use only those time slots are shown as available which do not collide with overnight blocks (and vice versa).

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Set up Eventmachine IQ easier

Eventmachine IQ (Instant Quote) is the fastest way for end users to instantly generate customized quotes for the most common event types.

To ease IQ's initial setup, as well as the setup of additional event templates, the IQ setup assistant now guides you through all relevant steps.

Where? Eventmachine website > Set up Eventmachine IQ

A warm welcome!

We are very excited about our new partnership with Hotellistat!

Seamless integration and live prices directly from your Hotellistat's revenue management system.


Where? Eventmachine website > Hotellistat integration

"Event Types" step

Optionally, the configurator provides an event types step, so that users can already choose the type of their desired event before entering the basic data.

Based on the event type selected, specific options and upgrades can be offered or hidden in the configurator. This way the user only sees content relevant for a specific event type.

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Admin tool user interface update

In the admin tool, the language of the user interface can now be selected at any time.

In addition, the design has been updated so that all pages are rendered full width.

Where? Admin tool > all pages

Function sheet formatting

Comments in function sheets, as well as individual info texts added to elements, can now be formatted as desired.

In addition, the allowed length of function sheet texts was optimized.

Where? Admin tool > Configuration detail page > Edit function sheet

Tax rates with decimal places

Tax rates now can use decimal places to account for international tax rules.

Where? Admin tool > Edit configurator > Basic settings

Log4j exploit

In the middle of this month, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), amongst others, warned of critical vulnerabilities in the widely used java library Log4j. Eventmachine customers can rest easy.

The Eventmachine configuration platform code does not use the Log4j library. The PDF service using java was updated immediately.

Our developers continuously audit our infrastructure to best protect the Eventmachine platform. For more information on the comprehensive defensive measures taken by Amazon Web Services (AWS), visit here: Update for Apache Log4j2 Issue - Security Bulletin.


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