Embed your MICE tool nicely

To embed Eventmachine on your website, choose a simple and clean embed page that is not overloaded with other content.

The address of the embed page should be self-explanatory and meaningful, especially if different configurators are used on one website.

The address of your embed page is always accessed when a quote is to be changed. Remember to set up redirects in case the address ever changes in the future. This ensures that event configurations from the past can always be re-accessed.

Do not throw users in at the deep end

Add at least a short introductory sentence in the surroundings of your configurator. Explain succinctly and precisely what the result will be when your customers put together their own event online.


"Put together your event in a few simple steps.
You will receive a PDF quote with all details by email instantly."

The number of externally generated quotes is increased when website users clearly see the benefit of configuring an event themselves.

Navigation, buttons & text links

It makes sense if your event configurator can be accessed directly from the website navigation. Eventmachine could be accessible directly from the main navigation as well as from the sub-navigation of the event or meeting pages.


Also, link from buttons and set text links to your event configurator. Always try to put yourself in the shoes of your website users and use clear call-to-actions such as "Go to event quote", "Get event quote" or similar.

Make sure that the embed page of your configurator is linked to from all relevant places on your website. Likewise, make sure that Eventmachine can be found quickly on your website.

Put links anywhere a user might wonder what an event might cost or might consider wanting a quote.

Communication across all channels

Our tip

Use all channels to make your customers and prospects aware of your MICE tool.


Link to your configurators directly from your emails or ads. Use promotions and coupon codes for your next corporate mailing. Get creative and increase the number of quotes generated directly by your customers.


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