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Intelligent event personalization

Let the machine do the work

Your clients only see what matters to them

Dynamically generated event offerings

  • offer only what is relevant for your clients

    no unnecessary choices in the event configurator 

  • different offerings for different target groups

    tailor the MICE tool's selection to your user

  • dynamic adjustment of choices

    intelligent rules to manage the available options

  • tailor-made promotions

    easily implemet marketing activities or special offers

Higher revenue

  • always the right price

    define the conditions under which a certain price is used

  • adjust prices dynamically

    apply adjustments, discounts or markups automatically

  • not everybody pays the same

    tailor your prices to your clients

  • each day a little bit better

    easily set up and test any pricing models

Unlimited possibilities

  • flexible rules

    all business rules can be combined arbitrarily

  • generic, but yet specific

    apply rules to any event item or option

  • settings for all clients needs

    flexible rules can accomodate any sales strategy

  • faster than any salesperson

    even complex pricing models are calculated instantly and error-free