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MICE revenue management

Selling events always at the best price

Optimize prices for events automatically

Maximum flexibility for dynamic pricing

  • MICE revenue management for all prices

    automated price adjustment applicable to all options and all upgrades (rooms, catering, equipment, accommodations, services, etc.)

  • comprehensive generic rule set

    flexible rules for granular control of prices for all event-specific use cases

  • easy revenue maximization

    easy setup of minimum prices, tiered prices or price adjustments

  • revenue-based calculations

    partial reduction or elimination of room rents based on expected catering sales for specific time slots

Additional MICE yield management features

  • flexible coupon codes

    variable prices for different target groups, included agency commissions, dynamic company rates or marketing campaigns

  • variable quote texts

    automated use of special text blocks (cancellation, payment or similar), if certain requirements are met

  • use of dynamic prices from third-party systems

    processing and further adjustment of dynamic prices from linked systems such as revenue management systems (RMS) or property management systems (PMS)