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Tools for quote negotiation & sales

Follow-up, adjust and finalize quotes

Tools for your team to stay organized

Easily adjust event quotes

  • Re-access quotes and adjust content

    each event configuration is unique and can be changed as often as needed - the entire quote is recalculated automatically

  • Customize prices in detail

    in the course of price negotiations, discounts can be granted or markups can be applied as desired

  • Trace negotiation process

    quote version tracking for maximum transparency over the course of negotiations

  • email automation

    automated emails for efficient transmission of all quote updates

Follow-up on quotes & structure sales

  • color coded status codes

    Quote-level status codes for structuring the sales process

  • Funnel for active quotes

    Automated flagging of relevant quote versions for further action

  • Follow-up for optioned events

    Marking expired options for resubmission

  • Handling of detailed arrangements

    Agreements and comments are automatically transferred to subsequent quote versions and function sheets