Connect apaleo to Eventmachine

If not already done, please connect your apaleo system to Eventmachine.

  • in the apaleo store:
    Navigate to the Eventmachine app page in the apaleo store and click the "Connect to apaleo" button. Follow the further steps.
  • on the Eventmachine website:
    On this page, use the "Connect apaleo with Eventmachine" button below. Follow the further steps.

    Connect apaleo with Eventmachine


Scope of your integration

To finalize the integration with your apaleo system you will need to gather some information and provide it to Eventmachine. The steps for collecting this information are outlined on the following pages.

Please select the desired type of integration from the options below.


Use live availabilities in Eventmachine


Use live prices in Eventmachine

EVENTMACHINE + apaleo (video)