Automation reduces quoting time for hotels and venues by over 99.9%


In today's fast-paced business environment, meeting providers that quote within 24 hours are likely to lose sales to automated providers that quote in 24 seconds. In the digital age the expectation of meeting planners has changed: They want instant meeting quotes. Hotels and venues can no longer afford a 24 hour response time. In 2017 meeting quotes must be issued in seconds, not hours or days.

The key to more efficient MICE sales is automation. “Manual quoting is extremely time-consuming. For most inquiries it simply doesn’t make sense to invest 30 minutes or more in quotes,” says Peter Gross, CEO of Seehotel Toepferhaus. “Eventmachine meeting saves our team tremendous amounts of time every month. This relieves the pressure on our staff - and saves us money.”

Eventmachine meeting generates automated quotes and sends them out instantly. Internal sales teams or end clients themselves can easily plan events via mobile or desktop devices directly on the meeting venue‘s own website. “We have been observing a trend towards increased impatience in the meeting business for a long time. Quotes are supposed to be on the clients’ desks immediately,” says Florian Zelfel, CEO of eventmachine meeting. “Yesterday it was ok to reply within one day, but not anymore.”

Faster pace can only be achieved by innovation. “Why should employees do manual tasks that can be automated far better using a smart tool?”, Peter Warren, CTO of eventmachine meeting asks. “Eventmachine meeting is a ‚first-of-its-kind‘ meeting configurator. Our solution generates individual, personalized quotes with a professional design and always calculated correctly. No matter how many inquiries have to be replied to right away, eventmachine meeting works tirelessly, 24 hours a day.”

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