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MICE Cloud Tool Chosen over Custom Software


Manual quoting processes put a strain on meeting providers of any size. They waste valuable staff time. Elements pure design hotel realized they had to make a change. Together with their hotel group, Libertas, they considered the options: custom-built MICE software or an automated cloud quoting solution. After calculating the high costs and risks of custom software, they decided for a turnkey quoting tool.

“We discussed having a custom meeting solution developed within our hotel group. But we decided to go for eventmachine meeting: No investment, no risk,” says Markus Barth, director of elements pure. “With custom software you can never be sure what you‘ll get. In the end, the decision was simple.” A cloud solution works straightaway and is available immediately without any development expense.

Booking processes are changing drastically - direct bookings are crucial. Meeting venues need to provide immediate, accurate quotes or risk losing direct sales to platforms. In its 2016 publication “The Meeting and Congress Market on its Way into the Digital Age,” the German Convention Bureau agrees, noting that meeting providers need to quickly offer better solutions than the traditional “inquiry form.”

Cloud solutions also provide insurance against future technology changes. Instead of having to pay for software updates every time they want a new feature, elements pure continuously receives updates for free. Mr. Barth adds, “Who knows what changes will occur over the coming years. With eventmachine meeting we’re always up to date.”

Not only are the costs for development distributed across all customers, the crowd also gives valuable feedback for product improvements. “We are very focused on our clients’ and end users’ feedback. Hotels and venues are all so different. It’s great to hear all those opinions and build new features based on their input,” says Peter Warren, CTO of eventmachine meeting. “We automatically provide new, useful features many venues wouldn’t have even thought about.”

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