Varying number of attendees for multi-day events

The configurator interface has been optimized to make varying numbers of attendees on different event days more accessible.

For both external users and internal sales teams, it is now more intuitive to configure multi-day events with different group sizes. As before, the values are processed intelligently, for example, if certain options or upgrades allow the number of guests to be adjusted.

Where? Configurator > Basic data step

Individual settings for each specific time slot

In the past the settings for

  • the extension of an event's duration
  • start and end time shifts

could be defined for all time slots in general.

Now these setting options are available for each specific time slot. Possible event timings can now be controlled even more precisely, and unwanted overlaps can be prevented. Likewise, new types of time slots are made possible.

Example: A business hotel offers special prices for 2-hour meetings. For this, a new type of time slot is needed, namely a "2 hour" time slot. This time slot should be shiftable freely during the entire day, but must not be extended (by its very nature).

Where? Admin tool > Edit configurator > Basic settings

A warm welcome!

We are very excited about our new partnership with ibelsa!

Seamless integration, live prices and live availabilities directly from your ibelsa property management system.


Where? Eventmachine website > ibelsa integration

New behavior & styling for non-compatible options and upgrades

Options and upgrades which are not compatible with each other now show a different behavior in the configurator. In addition, usability has been increased with a new design.

When an option or upgrade is selected, non-compatible items get no longer hidden. Rather, they now remain visible, but are flagged as "incompatible" and grayed out. Any further flags - such as "not available" - are displayed one beneath the other.

Where? Configurator > all steps > not-compatible options & upgrades

Flagging of availabilities & prices with API connection

Availabilities and prices that are linked to a third-party system are now flagged with respective, new icons within the admin tool.

This makes it easy to see at a glance which data is being exchanged with a third-party system - for example, a property management system (PMS) or a revenue management tool.

Where? Admin tool > all options and upgrades

Pre-arrival added to rule "Event Days (Type)"

For the rule "Event Days (Type)", an extra option "pre-arrival" is now available in the accommodations section.

An option's rule can now be applied not only to the first day, middle days, and/or last day of an event, but also to the day before the first day of an event.

Where? Admin tool > Edit configurator > Accommodations > options > rules

Configurator form updates

A "back" button has been added to the inquiry form at the end of the configuration process.

This increases usability in cases where a configuration needs to be changed at the very end - or something has been forgotten.

In addition, form bugs were fixed that occurred in single cases in relation to hitting the "return" key or to the setup of custom text fields.

Where? Configurator > form

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