Customize PDF files & personalized emails

All elements of your PDF documents and emails can be customized. In your CI, with your texts, in your tonality. Professional presentations with dynamic content, exactly in your design, and exactly how you want to address your customers.


Perfect event quotes


All PDF files and emails are created in your design. Simply delete the sample data first and then upload your own graphic elements.

Tip: Make use of the possibility to have different designs for the different language variants as well!


Customize the content and tone of the texts to send out information to your customers that is relevant to them.

Tip #1: Also use the possibilities to format your texts individually or to set links to refer to additional content and details (e.g. on your website).

Tip #2: Rules can also be applied to text blocks. For example, you can use varying cancellation conditions in different quotes, i.e. hide one set of conditions based on rules, and show the other set of conditions instead.

Length of your PDF files

The length of the PDF quotes is completely customizable. Your own template can be adjusted so that concise offers with very few pages can be created as well as extensive, detailed quotes with descriptions and photos.

Tip: Create sample PDFs of different lengths for different event configurations, and always keep in mind the needs of your customers, i.e. different types of customers.

Smart links

The quote template demo data contains various smart links in the "Team collaboration" text block, which can be reused in other places and in other text blocks of the PDFs.

One of the links is called "View Management Summary". When a user clicks on this link, a brief overview of all options and upgrades of the quote is created.

Also included is the link "Share this PDF within the team". Clicking this link will result in a specific PDF being forwarded and shared via eMail from within the document.

Our tip

The PDF files of different lengths can be accessed from the admin tool at any time.

To do this, use the "Show quote" button on the detail page of a configuration and choose from the following options:

  • Show PDF Quote
    customizable by you - according to the setup of your own template
  • Comprehensive PDF version with all details
    built in by the system and not customizable
  • Short version of the PDF / overview of the selected options and upgrades
    built in by the system and not customizable

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