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Benefits of an integration with apaleo

By connecting apaleo with EVENTMACHINE, data from your property management system apaleo can be used seamlessly in EVENTMACHINE.

A simple 1:1 query of data from 3rd party systems does not bring the desired results in some cases though. For such cases EVENTMACHINE provides useful additional functionalities.


live availabilities

live prices

additional functionalities

Use apaleo data in EVENTMACHINE


Live availabilities for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, event spaces and other resources can be read and used live in EVENTMACHINE to create quotes. The live availabilities are used in the configurator itself as well as in the automatically created MICE quotes.

Availabilitities (additional features)

In order to always determine the correct availabilities, additional smart features are provided by Eventmachine for event specific use cases:

  • Additional feature "Super Resources"
    for resources that depend on each other
    Example: an event space that can be partitioned into smaller event spaces
  • Additional feature "Resource Pools"
    link availability for one Eventmachine option to multiple apaleo unit groups
    Example: a single Eventmachine hotel room option that uses the pool of multiple hotel rooms (unit groups) for availability
  • Additional feature "Multiple Assignment"
    link availability for multiple Eventmachine options to a single apaleo unit group
    Example: a certain unit group from apaleo is to be sold as both single and double room in Eventmachine
  • Additional feature "Time Ranges"
    correct availabilities when the same resource is used for different purposes at different times of day
    Example: a suite sold as a hotel room overnight and as a meeting room during the day


Likewise, live prices and rates from apaleo can be calculated directly in EVENTMACHINE. This applies to hotel room prices, as well as to prices for other resources like e.g. room rents for event spaces.

Prices (additional features)

For flexible MICE revenue management, all prices can be further (dynamically) adjusted in EVENTMACHINE automatically. Extensive, event-specific rules are available for this purpose.

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